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A dictionary, phrasebook, and grammar book for the conlang Thalas'sian, spoken by the Blood Elves of the MMORPG 'World of Warcraft'. The groundwork was laid by Fiona Jallings (AKA dreamingfifi), now it's time for it to spread its wings!

Language of the Homeland[]

Thalas'sian (Homespeech, it also means “mother tongue” or “native language”) is the name of the language spoken in Thalas'din (Homeland). There are two dialects. The older of the two was spoken by the Quel'dorei (Highborn). As the Quel'dorei became the Sin'dorei (Bloodborn), their language changed very quickly, and a new dialect immerged, Sin'sian (Bloodspeech). Those keeping to the old Quel'dorei ways preserve their language, and still speak Quel'sian (Highspeech).

Start Studying[]

When learning this language, it's most helpful to start with the pronunciation. If you'd like to get deeper into it, the grammar category will be your home. If you just need phrases, and don't want to get any deeper into it, I'd suggest checking out the phrasebooks. If you want to contribute to the language, check out the Word Coining page, which describes how to make new words for the language. Only do this once you've gotten a good understanding of the existing grammar and vocabulary.

Latest activity[]

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Hieroglyph for "Thalas'sian"