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-a num. x1000, suffix for multiples of one thousand

'a pro. 2nd person suffix

-amin verb nominalizer

-emo adjective nominalizer

-eno adverb maker

-essel causitive suffix

-fo num. counter suffix for inanimate objects

-ga num. numeral counter suffix

'men pro. 3rd person singular suffix

-na num. counter suffix for magic and plants

'na pro. 1st person plural suffix

-nn num. x10, suffix for multiples of ten

'o pro. 1st person singular familiar suffix

-ondel passive suffix

-re agental suffix, found on anore, belore, darre - It's archaic and not very productive.

're pro. 1st person singular reverential suffix

-rin nominalizer for place-words

-sa noun suffix, narrows the focus of the noun. The noun could be an entire class of things, and the word with this on it is just one of those things.

-shi num. counter suffix for animate things, people, and spirits or gods

'shi pro. 3rd person plural suffix

-yel agental suffix, goes on verbs, like "-er" in English.

-yi num. x100, suffix for multiples of one hundred



a conj. or

aan adj. low

aanori n. infamy, bad rumor

aanori v. speak poorly of, publicly criticize

aanori'el adj. infamous

abun n. dye, paint, stainer, colorer

adore v. together-walks/follows/haunts, referring to something immaterial, like a ghost or spirit that blesses or curses you when traveling with you. Something or someone that you cannot leave behind.

aezzi n. child, young kid

af'fand'el adj. permissive

af'feran'el adj. forgetful

aff(i)- mod. want to, likely to, apt to

affi'bash'el adj. gourmand

affi'dall'el adj. cheerful, apt to laugh

affi'shind'el adj. clumsy

aga v. accumulate

agabor v. know

agar n. road

agaran v. remember, recall

agarassa n. math, long calculations, account books

agasa n. list

al v. be, exist

alaa n. light

alestraza adj. red, also name for Dragon

alla v. become

alon adv. away

alzha n. arrow

ama- num. 7

a'manore n. meeting – coming together of people, literally "together-people"

amare pro. 1st person singular

ameor v. forfeit, give up

am(or) prep. from

amorrin n. origin, point of departure

an n. place

ana n. health/well-being

anar(a) prep. by, using, with

anari v. speak, state

anariel n. speaker, talker

ande v. allow, let

angara v. do together, do with, abetting, being an accomplice

angarayel n. accomplice, partner in crime (not restricted to criminal activity)

ango v. accompany, go with, go together

ann n. father

ann'da n. daddy

anni v. hate, abhor, dislike a lot

anore n. people, person, kin

anu v. guide

anuyel n. guide, leader

ara pro. 2nd person plural

aradu n. abdomen, stomach

araduarus n. stomach ache, stomach pain, upset stomach

aran n. city

aran n. life

arana v. live

aran'el adj. alive

arus n. pain

arus v. hurt

asha inter. what

ashal prep. on the behalf of

assair v. test, feel

assim n. abyss

asto v. have hope



bal v. come

bala adj. great, epic

balamo n. greatness, euphemism for death in battle

ban n. gate

band'el adj. prepared

band(i)- mod. prepare to

ban'dinoriel n. gatekeeper

bash v. taste

bavwa n. baby, infant

beles v. die, pass away

belesamin n. death, dying

belo n. sunlight

belodar n. full day

belore n. the sun, name of the sun

belosa n. day, daytime

ben n. gift, present

bilis n. lie, fanciful tale, fiction

bilis'el adj. absurd, insane, ridiculous

brasu v. jump, leap

bwe- num. 2



chizhwai adj. strange, abnormal

chissian n. accent, accented speech

chussea adj. absolute



da prep. for

dada spec. a lot of, a great amount of__

dal n. star

dalaa adj. beloved

dalla v. laugh

dan v. shout, call, cry out

dan n. hill, mound

danil n. peak, mountain top

darre n. moon

darsa n. night

dash adv. well

dath inter. who

delana pro. 1st person plural

di v. slip, slide, move without obstructions

diel pro. 2nd person singular

diel n. journey, traveling

dimana n. sound

dimana'shiun n. phonetic alphabet

din n. kingdom, land of

dinori v. guard, watch

dinoriel n. guard, watcher

do n. teacher

do prep. for (variant of da)

dozha inter. marks a yes/no question

dor n. stone

dorei n. folk, people

dor'el inter. interrogative adjective asking about the quality

dosa inter. yes

dosei n. thing

drassil n. crown, canopy of trees

dui aux. past tense marker

duna n. skin



dhian prep. about, around, nearby

dhianrin n. neighborhood, place besides/nearby/next to



e n. nothing

e- num. 0

eilaa n. light, variant of "alaa"

eimin n. will

eisa n. meaning, intent

enal n. center, middle, heart

endal n. breath

endal v. breathe

endo v. kill, slay

eran v. forget

esti prep. over, covering

ewe- num. 8



fallaa pro. 3rd person plural

falor n. chill, cold

falor'el adj. cold, chilly

faren adj. happy

farenemo n. cheer, happiness, joy, mirth

fas v. like, have affection for, prefer

fel n. dragon

felo v. burn, flame

felomin n. flame, fire

fia v. want, desire

fin n. end

fina v. be at the end, bring up the rear, be last (intransitive)

fin'el adj. last, final

frela v. dance

frelamin n. dancing

frelayel n. dancer

fulo v. build



gae n. nose

gar n. path

gerda v. continue, go on

gerdano adv. some more, on, continually - describing an action that continues for an unspecified amount of time or that will be done again and again for an unknown number of times.

gon n. pleasant smell/scent, perfume

gossa n. flower

gwa- adv. too

gwa'el adj. too much, excessive

gwano adv. excessively, too much

gwou n. dog



ia n. water-fowl, duck, bird

ib(i)- mod. try to

ibis v. try, attempt

idh'and'el adj. allowable, allowed, permitted

idhanni adj. abominable, horrific, loathsome

idh'eran'el adj. forgettable

idh(i)- mod. can/able to

idhi'bash'el adj. edible

idhi'shind'el adj. breakable, fragile

id(i)- mod. should/oughtta

iembo prep. above (but not touching)

iemborin n. top, above-place

ii n. right hand

iifen adv. to the right

iiren n. both hands, one person's hands, a set of hands

il aux. future tense marker

imma inter. how, asking for the adverb info: quickly, randomly, that sort of thing

imwa conj. and, presenting additional information

inden v. abstain

indi adv. out, outwards

indimaiz v. empathize

indirin n. outside

iro v. find, discover

irva v. bite

isera adj. green, also name for dragon

Isera'duna n. greenskin/goblin

issin n. food

issina v. eat, dine

iv(i)- mod. must/hafta/gotta



jael n. rat

ji n. little bird



ka- num. 6

kaej n. sling, looped fabric or leather, also a simple weapon used to hurl rocks at high speeds

kairi n. mile, or nearest equivalent

kan v. approach

kao- adv. very, so

kaori adj. extreme, awful

kara v. do

karadum v. accelerate, speed up

karam adj. new, young

karameilaa n. morning, new-sun

kasha v. suffer, withstand, live through

kashamin n. patience

kembal v. sleep

kembalamin n. sleep

kerji adj. bad

kerji'sabor n. catastrophe

kerre n. evil, badness

kim adj. little

kimar n. mind, head, brain

kimwan adj. short

kinda inter. why

kinda v. splinter, fracture

kinde v. finish, complete, accomplish (transitive)

kindemin n. accomplishment, finished task, completed task

kissinure n. acquaintance, little friend

ko v. go, leave



la v. fly, soar

leda prep. made up of, made out of, made from

ledel n. skeleton

lewa adj. beautiful, pretty, handsome

lewamo n. beauty, handsomeness

leware n. a beauty, a beautiful or handsome person

limba v. stop, put an end to, cease

lo- num. 4

lowa n. toe

lowafrela v. dance on your toes, do acrobatics

lowafrelamin n. toe-dancing, acrobatics

lowafrelayel n. toe-dancer, acrobat

luere n. abuse, harassment

luu adv. up, upwards

luudum'el adj. fast

luudur v. absorb, soak up

luumeor v. give

luuruu n. unease, ominous feeling

luuruuaradu n. nausea

luuruumaiz v. have an ominous feeling, be uneasy



ma- num. 1

ma- adv. more

mae adj. old, ancient, former, aged

mae'shiun n. hieroglyphics, "old writing"

magamaga spec. every, each and every, every single___

maiz n. emotion, heart (not in the physical sense, in the emotional part of one's intellect)

maiz v. feel emotion, feel one's own condition/health

mal v. travel

malanore n. traveler

maligos adj. blue, also name for dragon

mash v. stand up, slang for "to promptly follow a command."

mash'el adj. ready

medif n. keeper of secrets, confidant

melorn n. strike, hit, attack

mem(i)- mod. would/be willing to

men n. itch

men v. scratch an itch, massage something sore, masturbate (slang term, applies to all genders)

menaor n. coward, biting insect

mendosei n. trouble

menga adj. common, natural

meor v. take, make one's own, acquire

miina conj. then, therefore

min n. noun, word

minn n. mother

minn'da n. mommy

missa n. name

mune n. breast, bust, boob, mammary

myaw n. cat



na prep. through

naar n. town

nae adj. calm

narin n. pass, hallway, corridor, any way through

narren n. man, male

narzi n. son, boy

nel n. power

neltharion adj. black, also name for dragon

niren n. 3rd gender, genderqueer, intersex

nizi n. genderqueer child, child that isn't male or female

no spec. “the” in the singling out sense, a way to emphasis a noun phrase.

nongan n. abscess, sore, pox, zit

nozdromu adj. metalic, shiny, also name for dragon

nuren n. woman, female

nuzi n. daughter, girl

nyaw n. bird



ogossa n. scent

ommo n. water

on adj. wet, damp, moist

ori v. say (crude version of anari)

orindel prep. than, in comparison to...

oronor n. comrades in arms, sworn brothers with an almost familial bond.

ou n. fog, mist, mirk

ougar adj. abstract, vague

oyyo int. hello (reverential)



pa prep. to

pala prep. during, in, for (relating to time only)

pammune n. cow

pan- adv. slightly, kinda, sorta, a little

pan adj. big, large

panarus n. ache, long pain

pangae n. horse

panwan adj. long, tall

pao prep. against, opposing, versus

paogo v. abandon, leave behind

parin n. destination

pie n. fly, insect, bug

pris n. vessel, anything that carries other things

prissin n. heart, the physical one that pumps blood

pwi inter. when


quan pro. reflexive

quel adj. high, noble

quel'dorei n. high elves

quelori n. fame, acclaim

quelori v. praise, speak highly of

quelori'el adj. famous, well-known

qui- adv. not at all, the complete opposite of



ran v. count, reckon, calculate

ren n. left hand

reffen adv. to the left

reshi inter. which, asking for a choice to be made

ro'el adj. quiet

roin adv. quietly

ronae adj. peaceful

ruu adv. down, downwards

ruudi v. fall

ruula v. drop

ruumeor v. accept, be given, receive

ruudum'el adj. slow



sa int. what you say when you make a gesture of disgust for sending someone you dislike from your side

sabor n. accident

sabor'kara v. have an accident

sair v. feel, sense

sangu inter. where

sareda conj. because

seaben'el adj. mutually beneficial

selama n. justice/revenge

sian n. language

siar v. have

silla v. pour

sin n. blood

Sin'dorei n. blood elves/folk

sinu adj. good

sinu'kimar'el adj. smart, good head-ful

sinure n. friend

sof prep. in

sono adv. quickly

sorin n. inside

su subordinate clause marker quotation marker

sur- adv. most

surfal n. lover

surfas v. love

surfasamin n. love



sha- infinitive prefix

shala adj. safe

shan n. honor

shan'el adj. honorable

shang'el adj. adv. aboard

shangel prep. on top of

shalluumeor v. acknowledge, honor

shia adj. adv. underneath, below

shiun n. rune, alphabet, letter, written symbol

shiundor n. runestone

shimu v. close

shin n. glory

shindi v. break

shindu v. fail

shola n. business

shor'el adj. good

shorre n. good, goodness



tadha inter. how, asking by what means something was done.

talaa n. death, true death

tamen pro. 3rd person singular

te n. foot, feet

tede v. walk, plod

teij n. whip, sling

tel n. earth

tinda adj. violent, aggressive

tindagan v. accost, approach violently or with intent to harm

tomi n. luck, good fortune

tum n. speed

turus n. peace

twann spec. some, a couple, 2 or more of something.



thalas n. home

thalas'din n. homeland

thalas'sian n. Language of Thalas, mother tongue, native language

thazda n. question

thero n. student

thori n. fury, anger

thuui pro. this, these, thing to the right

thuuirin pro. here

thuuren pro. that, those, thing to the left

thuurenrin pro. there, over there, yonder



ue- adv. re-, again

uebal v. return, (coming towards the speaker)

uego v. return, (going away from the speaker)

ullia v. oppose, go against, work against

ulliori v. accuse, speak against, make statements as a witness against someone

ullu prep. against, opposing, versus

umba conj. but, yet, the two connected pieces of information contradict each other.

un n. finger(s)

uni prep. like, as

ussu v. fight

uwaishindi v. destroy, abolish, end

uzhu- num. 9



vayo prep. with, mutual role in the action with the subject

vendel v. help, aid, accommodate

vendelyel n. aide, helper

veshhi conj. if

vi- num. 5



wan n. height, length

war adj. extended, stretched

warmo n. length

warsair v. fondle, feel, molest

wi spec. some (as in a specific but unknown somethinganother)

wimin pro. something

wire pro. someone, somebody

wirin pro. somewhere, someplace

wizii pro. sometime



yal n. hand

yangan n. acquaintance

yeina adv. now

yu spec. any

yuma pro. any amount

yumin pro. anything

yure pro. anyone, any person

yurin pro. anywhere, any place

yusa pro. any one out of a group of things

yuzii pro. anytime



za relative clause marker

zaram n. blade, knife, sword, cleaver, ax

zii n. hour

ziire n. bell-ringer, clock, watch

ziisa n. time



zha- neg. no, not, un

zha'gerdano adv. not anymore, no longer, no more

zhasa inter. no

zhu- num. 3

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