This is for sentences that are describing nouns. Here are a few English examples:

The girl who leapt through time
The man who walked 500 miles

To form a relative clause, put the relative clause marker “za” after the sentence, and the noun after that, like so:

Sentence za Noun-phrase

You can include adjectives and specifiers too:

Sentence za Specifier Adjective Noun-phrase


Baasu dwi na zisa za nuzi – The girl who leapt through time
Viyega keeri tede dwi za narren – The man who walked 500 miles

If the relative clause consists of only the verb and auxiliary, you don't need to use za. In English, we use participles (verbs turned into adjectives) for such verbs, like:

The failing Bloodborn
The spoken name
A burning strike

Since Thalas'sian doesn't have participles, make relative clauses instead.

The Bloodborn who are failing - Shinduu Sin'dorei
The name that was spoken - Anarindel dui missa
A strike that burns - Felo melorn
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