A pronoun is a stand in for a noun phrase that was used earlier in a discourse. In Thalas'sian, if there is only one thing that a pronoun could mean, you can leave it out.

Unlike English, Thalas'sian pronouns don't changed based on their Case.

There are several types of pronoun, and I'll list them all here.

Personal PronounsEdit

amare I, me, my delana we, us, our
diel you, your ara y'all, y'all's
tamen he/she/it, him/her/it, his/hers/its fallaa they, them, their
quan myself, ourselves, yourself, yourselves, himself/herself/itself, themselves

The personal pronouns (except "quan") can be reduced to short, suffix forms. These shorten forms appear only when they follow another word, and only when that word is a verb or verb auxiliary or preposition, and it can be reduced when it's acting as a possessive pronoun attached directly to a noun.

List of Personal Pronoun SuffixesEdit

'o I, me, my (only use in informal settings or when being rude to someone)
're I, me, my 'na we, us, our
'a you, your 'a y'all, y'all's
'men he/she/it, him/her/it, his/hers/its 'shi they, them, their

Demonstrative PronounsEdit

These pronouns point in a direction, telling you how near or far something is in relation to the speaker. There are two demonstrative pronouns:

thuuren - that, those, thing to the left
thuui - this, these, thing to the right

When dealing with things that are equidistant, you can use "thuuren" to refer to the one to the left of you, and "thuui" to refer to the one to the right of you.

In the Sin'sian dialect, these are pronounced a little different:


When referring to a place instead of an object, use the following:

thuurenrin - there, over there, yonder
thuuirin - here

With Sin'sian versions being:


Indefinite PronounsEdit

Indefinite pronouns are ones that begin with some- or any- in English. In Thalas'sian, "any" is yu and "some" is wi.

List of "any-" pronouns:

yuma - any amount
yumin - anything
yure - anyone, any person
yurin - anywhere, any place
yusa - any one out of a group of things
yuzii - anytime

List of "some-" pronouns:

wimin - something
wire - someone, somebody
wirin - somewhere, someplace
wizii - sometime

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