The preposition, like its namesake, is placed before its noun phrase. Sometimes it is written with an apostrophe between it and its noun phrase, sometimes it isn’t, and is left on its own. I find that leaving it on its own is better when dealing with a complex noun phrase.

   Preposition Noun-phrase


   Anara nel belore - By the power of the sun
   Ashal’anore – on behalf of kin
   Do Sin'dorei – to the Sin’dorei
   Da’shan're – for my honor

Prepositional phrases can be used to modify the meanings of nouns, a bit like adjectives do. When you wish to do this, simply put the noun first, then the prepositional phrase, like so:

   Noun Prepositional-phrase


   Selama amor anore - Justice from kin
   Selama am oronor - Justice from comrades
   Felomin anar endal’re – Flame by my breath
   Melorn do menoor – A strike at the coward

Dreamingfifi (talk) 04:57, November 10, 2014 (UTC)

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