This is one of the languages that combined to make Thalas'sian in the distant past. It has the most vocabulary traced back to it. It is characterized by short, one or two syllable long words, lots of diphthongs, and consonants at the ends of syllables.

It also appears to be the origin of the Mae'shiun, the Old Writing, which is composed of hieroglyphics.


Syllable structureEdit

Onset could consist of a consonant, or a consonant followed by a /w/, or no consonant.

Nucleus could be a vowel, a long vowel, or a diphthong.

Coda could be no consonant, one consonant, or a long consonant.


labial dental alveolar palatal velar
stops p b t d k g
nasals m n ŋ
affricates tʃ dʒ
fricatives ɸ β θ ð s z ʃ ʒ
approximants w ɹ j w
lateral l


front center back
high i ii u uu
mid e o
low a aa


ae, ai, ao, au

ea, ei, eo, eu

ia, ie, io, iu

oa, oe, oi, ou

ua, ue, ui, uo


This language seems to be the source of the words for numbers. Its counting system seems to be base-6. It didn't have a word for zero, though the word e for "nothing" was eventually used to fill that role.


Unlike Language 1, this language appears to have some form of plural. The word would be repeated. This is found in a few words in Thalas'sian, such as dada "a lot of" and magamaga "each and every".

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