English Quel'sian Sin'sian
Hi (Familiar) Yo Yo
Hello (Reverential) Oyyo Oyyo
You come well (traveler/friend) Bal'a dash (mal'anore/sinure) Bal'a dash (mal'anore/sinure)
Good meeting Sinu a'manore Sinu a'manore
The sun guided you/y’all (to me/us) Anu dui Belore diel/ara (pa amare/delana) Anu dwi Belore diel/ara (pa amare/delana)
The sun guided me/us (to you/y’all) Anu dui Belore amare/delana (pa diel/ara) Anu dwi Belore amare/delana (pa diel/ara)
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