This means phrases with “of” or ‘s in them in English.

There are two ways to go about this in Thalas’sian. The first is to simply place the words side by side, like so:

   Noun [of] Noun


   Alaa Belore – Light of the Sun / the Sun’s light
   Ban thalas’re – Gate of my home / my home’s gate
   Sinu aran dor – Good city of stone
   Din thalas’na – Land of our home

Or, you can treat the “of Noun” part like an adjective, prefixing it onto the other noun, like so:



   Belore’alaa – Sun-light
   Thalas’ban’re – My home-gate
   Sinu dor’aran – Good stone-city
   Thalas’din’na – Our home-land

When you do this, they become a compound word. As you see in “Thalas'ban're” and “Thalas'din'na”, the possessive pronouns are put at the end of the new compound, not after “Thalas”. This is also visible in “Sinu dor'aran”, wherein the adjective “sinu” is put at the beginning of the phrase, not between “dor” and “aran”.

Dreamingfifi (talk) 05:00, November 10, 2014 (UTC)

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