A Causitive sentence is where the doer of the action is being forced to do it by a 3rd party, or the universe, or somehow the choice to do that action has been taken away from them. In English, it takes these forms:

The dog had to bite the man.
I made the dog bite the man.
I forced the dog to bite the man.

The Causitive suffix works in much the same way as the Passive suffix. It is –(e)ssel. The forcer of the action is put in a prepositional phrase using “anara”.

Narren irvassel dwi gwoo anara’re. – I made the dog bite the man. (The dog was forced to bite the man, by me.)
Gwoo tedesselu anara’re – I’m making the dog walk. (The dog is being forced to walk by me.)

Another way the Causitive suffix is used is for adjective, indicating that the subject “is made ___”

Duna’re alestaazassel dwi. – My skin was made red. (I blushed.)
Amare farenesselu anara’surfal’re. – I was made happy by my lover. (My lover cheered me up.)

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