Adjectives come in two types:

Derived Adjectives: Adjectives that were nouns or verbs long ago, some of which have lost their noun or verb counterpart. Sometimes they are loanwords from other languages. They are easy to spot, because they end in -el.

Plain Adjectives: They don’t have any special markings. You can tell what they are by the context you find them in.

Examples of Derived AdjectivesEdit

I put an apostrophe before the –el to make them more obvious. They will appear this way in the dictionary as well, but in normal writing, there will be nothing separating the –el from the adjective.

   Anar'el – alive
   Band'el – prepared
   Fin'el – last
   Saaben'el – mutually beneficial

Dreamingfifi (talk) 05:05, November 10, 2014 (UTC)

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